Dormant Accounts

Accounts become Dormant when they have not been transacted on for 3+ Years or where the ID on the account has become out of date. If you receive a letter regarding this please respond promptly. If your a/c becomes Dormant you cannot transact on your a/c until you have updated the following documents:

  • Up to date Photo ID e.g. Passport, Drivers License
  • Up to date Proof of Address (dated within 6 months), e.g. Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Revenue Letter/Document etc.
  • Any outstanding document or information requested relating to the operation of your account
  • A form needs to be filled out
  • On joint accounts both parties need to update their documents

Please ensure you notify the Credit Union promptly of any change of address and provide Proof of your new address (as per above). Your address cannot be updated until you provide this proof.

Please note it can take up to 24 hours after you provide the required documents to re-activate your account