Central Credit Register (CCR)

The Central Credit Register is a national database that will, on request, provide:

  • A borrower with an individual credit report detailing their credit agreements
  • A lender with comprehensive information to help with credit assessments; and
  • The Central Bank with better insights into national trends in the provision of credit.

The Credit Reporting Act 2013 requires us to process your personal and credit information for the Central Credit Register. We submit personal information to the Central Credit Register that we may already have about you, like:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Personal Public Service Number (PPSN) - a very important piece of information for matching.

The Central Credit Register needs this information to make sure it accurately matches your loans, including loans that you may have with other lenders. Producing a full and accurate credit report is one of the main aims of the Central Credit Register. We will also submit credit information each month about your loans, if the loan is for €500 or more.

Your loan information will be stored securely on the Central Credit Register where it will be used to create your credit report. The Central Credit Register will not calculate a score or grade for your credit report. Information will be kept on the Central Credit Register for five years after your loan is paid off.

You may request your report at any time from CCR and are entitled to one free report each calendar year.

Lenders may only access you credit report:

  • When considering an application for a new loan.
  • If you ask to change the terms of a loan; or
  • If they are reviewing a loan in arrears


If your loan is in arrears by more than 9 weeks then it will be reported as being in arrears on CCR.
Should this occur it may affect your credit rating going forward.

These reports use information automatically generated from our IT system and the Credit Union cannot interfere in this process.