Frequently Asked Questions

What is a credit union?

A financial co-operative, owned and controlled by its members, for its members.

Why do credit unions exist?

To service the financial needs of their community, on a not-for-profit basis, and to retain members' savings in their community for the benefit of all the members.

Who owns a credit union?

The members own the credit union.

What is the common bond?

The common bond is that factor which unites all members of a credit union. It defines the area within which the credit union can operate.

Who runs a credit union?

A voluntary board of directors, elected by the members at a general meeting, runs the credit union.

What can a credit union do for you?

Your credit union can help you achieve financial independence through regular savings and fair and affordable access to loans.

What are the advantages of being a credit union member?
  • Ownership of the organisation which is taking care of your money.
  • Financial security.
  • Fair and affordable access to loans.

Online Access

How do I register?
  • Click on Register for Online Access
  • Fill out the details on the form
  • A member of staff will phone you to ask you security questions and may update some of your details
  • Alternatively you can phone the Credit Union and request a PIN
  • You can also come into the Credit Union to obtain a PIN.
When logging in for the first time
  • The first time you log in go to member account login, proceed to online banking then select launch online banking on right hand side of the screen, system will then ask to send a verification code to your mobile. This needs to be entered before you can proceed. Initially you need to login using a computer, but you can download the mobile app to your phone after that initial login. Please take few minutes to read the Safety Centre information (at the bottom of your screen after "launching Internet banking" to help you safely financially transact on line. Similarly, there is a Fraud Smart link when you "launch internet banking".
How do I log in?
  • If you have received your six-digit pin in the post, go to our website thomastowncreditunion.com select member login and log in using the first four-digits of your member number, your date of birth and three random numbers out of the six-digit pin.
How do I log in to a joint account?
  • If your account is a joint account please note when logging into the website the second named person will have to put a “j” after their four-digit member number. Joint accounts can have a PIN each.
What is available?
  • Once logged onto the website go to online banking to view account balances, add payees and other services e.g., internal and external transfers. When you setup a Payment Beneficiary you will be sent a verification code (to your App or Mobile phone if preferred).
What can I view my account on my mobile?
  • Available to our member is the Thomastown credit union app, it can be found in the play store for android and on apple app store for iPhone to download.
Lost my PIN or blocked out of my account?
  • Your PIN will be disabled if you enter the incorrect details 5 times. Verification codes sent to the App or your Mobile Phone will expire after 10 minutes. Idle time is 5 minutes after which your session will be timed out and you will need to log back in.
  • Please go to the Help Section of our website to fill out the online form for lost PINs
  • Alternatively you can phone us to get a new PIN sent out. We will ask you some security questions.
Do I need to log in to apply for a loan?
  • Please note you do not need to login to our banking online to fill in a loan application but you can do so if you so wish. A Loan calculator is also available. Online applications can be found on our website. Go to the loans on the tab bar, scroll down and either select a form to download or fill in our online application.
What other info is required for loan application?
  • When filling in the application supporting documentation is required for anything requested over €2000. This is 3 recent payslips, 3 months up to date bank statements and your employment detail summary for previous year from your ROS profile and can be sent in via email to info@thomastowncreditunion.ie
I cannot see all options on my mobile when looking on the website, how do I fix this?
  • If logging on to website on your mobile and you cannot see the launch online banking tab on the right once logged in turn the auto-rotate on your phone to view full screen and more options should be viewable once phone is turned sideways.
New strong customer authentication
  • When logging into the online banking you will now be asked to go to the app on your phone for an authentication code, this is for extra security on your account. If you do not have the app clink the link below this message and select option to send a SMS to the mobile, we have registered for your account. You will need to pass authentication for adding a payee, e-statements, documents and transaction history older than sixty days. If you do not access your CU Internet a/c for 90+ days you will be sent a verification code to your app or mobile.
What if I change my mobile number?
  • It is really important you let us know at the Credit Union, so we can update your records. Otherwise, verification codes will go to your old SIM. If you are notifying us by phone we will ask you security questions to ensure it is you.
Can I make and receive electronic transfers from abroad?
  • Yes if you are seeking to transact with a SEPA country.
what is a SEPA payment?

SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. A SEPA payment is sent through the SEPA Scheme. The SEPA payment scheme was created to simplify euro transfers between EU member states.

The SEPA scheme consists of the 27 EU Member States plus Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Monaco, the United Kingdom and San Marino.

To make a SEPA payment you need:

  1. The IBAN of the person you want to pay
  2. The bank to which you are sending the payment to be a member of the SEPA scheme
  3. The payment to be in euro
  4. Payments to/from UK accounts require payer address

Please note: Thomastown Credit Union is unable to accept SWIFT payments. You may incur charges if you attempt to send money to your account in Thomastown Credit Union via SWIFT.

If I move abroad can I still access internet banking on my account?
  • Yes, if you are in a SEPA country, your new mobile SIM should work. Please check with Credit Union staff who can help you in this regard. However, we need you to fill out a form and provident some extra documentary evidence.
Further information
  • The basis of processing your internet information is contractual. Further information is contained on our website.