Dear Member,

At Thomastown Credit Union, we want to be viewed by all Members as efficient & fair in all of our dealings.

However, as with any service provider, things may go wrong from time to time. Where you have a complaint about how we have dealt with you, we want you to tell us. We welcome complaints about anything including:

  • where our service is unduly slow or inefficient,
  • where we may have been less than courteous,
  • where you think we have discriminated against you,
  • where something has occurred in respect of your account which you are not happy with,
  • where you feel that an application for either membership or a loan has been unfairly declined.

Telling us has two advantages. Firstly, any complaint will be investigated fairly, and in accordance with our Member Complaints Policy (which is available on request)

Secondly, your complaint may help us improve our service to you and other Members.

Thankfully, this Credit Union rarely gets complaints, but we are keen not to become complacent. If something has gone wrong we want to hear from you, not lose you. We welcome the opportunity to learn from any mistakes we may make and want to listen.

We cannot address the matter unless we know about it.

Signed: Complaints Officer