Board of Directors, Management & Staff

Management and Staff

The Board appoint full time Management and Staff to oversee all operations and serve the needs of our members on a daily basis. You tell us that “time and care means a lot”, that our staff are “friendly”, “show concern”, are “helpful and approachable”, and that you “trust” us.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated team of staff who provide a confidential and personal service to our members. All staff undergo continuous training and all have nationally recognised qualifications in the finance and credit union industry.

If you would like to contact a member of our team or department please Tel: 056 772-4445 or email

  • Manager - Anne-Marie Daly
  • Credit Controller - Laura Synnott
  • Teller - Jackie Wilson
  • Teller - Maria Maher
  • Teller - Gordon Whelan
  • Risk, Compliance & DP Officer - Carol McCormack

Voluntary Board of Directors

Members just like you, volunteer their time and skills in the spirit of co-operation by becoming directors.

Directors are elected by members and are responsible in overseeing the control, direction and management of the affairs, funds and records of Thomastown Credit Union.

The Board are not involved in the day-to-day operational running of Thomastown Credit Union.

  • Chairperson: Valerie Cotter
  • Secretary: Paul Dunne
  • Vice Chairperson: John Byrne

In addition to the above three Directors, there are four additional Directors.

  • Directors: John Bolger, Sandra Forristal, Noelle Roche, Kevin Kelly.

Voluntary Board Oversight Committee

  • Board Oversight Members: Sara Begley, Caroline Atkins, Deirdre O'Neill, Joanne French, Natasha Bay Hammond.


When you join Thomastown Credit Union you not only become a member, but also an owner of your local credit union. You share your ownership with your community, neighbours, relatives and friends.

You join, you support our services, and through volunteering, you help us run your local credit union.

We are a non-profit financial co-operative serving the needs of our community. As an owner, you enjoy shareholder benefits of getting a return on your Shares in the form of a dividend, as well as new products and services being available to you. In lending, you receive competitive interest rates.

Being a shareholder we encourage members to support all our services. The more services you use, the stronger the credit union becomes. Therefore, the stronger you become.

Democratic Control

You tell us that we are “local”, “more people oriented” and that you “feel involved”. That is because as an owner and a member, you have a say in how we are run and in the services we offer you.

The best way to exercise your membership is to use our services and attend our Annual General Meeting in early December or January.

At our Annual General meeting, every member has one vote. Members get an opportunity to review our financial accounts, ask questions, vote on important matters and elect local members. These elected members will act on your behalf as voluntary directors and supervisors.